Choosing The Best Mod

May 31, 2021


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Evolv is known for its temperature control chips so the release of their DNA200 chipset was met with great enthusiasm. After all, this one boasts of a maximum output power of 200 watts, max continuous output current of 50 amps, and an atomizer resistance of just 0.1 ohms. The temperature limit goes up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It is said to be 97% efficient. It weighs just 15 grams and is only 18 mm x 71 mm in size. Companies immediately got hold of it to create their own box mod with the advanced circuitry.


Since the internals is, all the same, mod developers have to differentiate their products in other ways. The external design is crucial. It is what shoppers see and experience. They will judge the best DNA200 mod by the way it looks and feels in their hands. Is it small enough to be pocket-able or is it bulgy? Does it seem rather plain or quite distinctive? Do the colors pop out or blend into the background? Does it boast of any unique trick due to its design?


Manufacturers are also experimenting with different types of materials in an attempt to pull away from the pack. Most mods will use some type of hardened plastic and metal housing. They work well for minimalist designs. Others might have composite wood to achieve a warm tone and classic styling. A few are now sporting carbon fiber cases that help to lighten the overall weight without sacrificing strength and rigidity. Polished surfaces look sleek but rough surfaces reduce slippage.


The type of battery used should also be checked. The mods are usually powered by a slab of Lithium Polymer of varying capacity. They need to be recharged when they go low on power. This type of battery pack allows the designers to create very slim profiles which attract a lot of buyers. Others use more traditional 18650 batteries which are big and cylindrical but readily available. If the power runs out, users can simply swap a fresh set of batteries while the depleted ones are recharging. There is less downtime for power users.


Finally, we come down to the price. Most of the DNA mods hover at the $200 level but this will likely drop down as competition increases and better chips are introduced. A $150 variant tends to be decent enough for regular users. Things can go up to almost $400 for the fanciest designs.